Oct 15

Neighborhood Reinvestment

For additional resources visit their website.

Property Development Resources:

Community Development Corporations and Smart Growth: Putting Policy into Practice

Ocean City Development Corporation Fa├žade Improvement Program, Smart Growth Communities

Elements of a Marketing Strategy
Employer-Assisted Housing: Competitiveness Through Partnership
Expiring Affordability of Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Properties
Facts: Getting Your Message Heard – A Comprehensive Guide to Media Relations
Financial Fitness Education for Potential Homebuyers: A Start-Up Guide for NWOs
How to Be Your Own Developer: Making the Development Decision
Loan Closing: A Workbook on Executing the Documents and Transferring the Funds
Loan Origination: A Workbook on Gathering and Verifying the Information
Loan Underwriting: A Workbook on Analyzing and Committing to Lend Workbook 2
Low-Income Housing Tax Credits: A Guide for Community-Based Organizations
Managing Executive Transitions
Mortgage Lending: An Introduction for Community-Based Organizations
NeighborWorks Bright Ideas
NeighborWorks Multifamily Initiative Brochure
Turning Brownfields into Vital Community Assets: A Guide for Community-Based Orgs
Understanding Predatory Lending: Moving Toward a Common Definition and Workable Solutions
Winning Strategies: Best Practices in Home Ownership Promotion

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